Quick Slipper Bites

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Return of the GSC Podcast: Season 2, Episode 1 - Aunt Jen Wade Reflects

That's right, Slipperites, we're back! The summer of 2009 may have sadly faded into the rearview mirror, but the offseason fun is just getting started! We kick off Season 2 of the GSC Podcast with a special episode; Aunt Jen and I actually took a trip to camp just to record this episode in the Pavilion! Listen as Aunt Jen, our 2009 Jerome S. Fuhrman Counselor Spirit Award Winner, reflects on her summer and all things Slipper!

We have some cool shows and topics lined up for Season 2 but, as always, would love to hear your input. Please send us your feedback, questions, comments, or ideas to gscprograms@gmail.com. We'd also love to hear YOUR voice on a future episode of the podcast as well!

Uncle Brando & Aunt Jen

Sunday, September 6, 2009

1st Enc 2009 Olympic Songs Part I: Aliens

Here are the songs for the Aliens, a team in 1st Encampment's Invasion Bowl. The songs are the culmination of four days of hard work and learning by the campers, and the grand finale of Olympics. All songs are written and learned within four days!

Aliens Cheer ("Milkshake" by Kelis) - The song all about the Aliens
Aliens March ("If You Seek Amy" by Britney Spears) - The song that helps the Aliens march over other teams
Aliens Alma Mater ("I Love College'" by Asher Roth) - The song all about Golden Slipper Camp

(Here is the blog entry with links to Monsters’ songs) -- COMING SOON
(Here is the blog entry with links to Zombies’ songs) -- COMING SOON
(Here is the blog entry with links to Robots’ songs) -- COMING SOON

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Invasion Bowl Olympic Video

Uncle Rob, our Visual Arts wiz, created this documentary of The Invasion Bowl that was shown at the conclusion of Song & Sign Competition. All of the footage was filmed and edited during the four days of Olympics!!! Soon I'll be adding the audio podcasts of each team singing their songs on the last evening.

Friday, June 12, 2009

GSC 2009 Podcast - Episode 7: MTV Night

The beginning of orientation is less than 1 week away! Uncle Devan and Uncle Alex return to our studios and join us as we:

  • Recap the podcasts
  • Discuss Camp Council Weekend
  • Share our MTV Night memories
  • And argue about the best camp meals
We have also set it up so we can live-broadcast video of our podcasts...meaning you can watch and interact with us while we record the podcasts! We'll share details for the recording of episode 9 (episode 8 has already been recorded and will be added soon).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GSC 2009 Podcast - Episode 6: Aunt Jen & The Unoteers...plus Uncle Devan's posters

This episode is entitled Aunt Jen & The Unoteers, as we are joined in our studio by Uncle Tommy O'Neill, the Vogelson Village Leader, plus Uncles Devan Shimoyama and Alex Kronstadt, who are both general counselors. All three guests, plus Uncle Brando, are proud to call themselves Unoteers!

Listen as we:
  • Learn about our three guests
  • Discuss Olympics, including an in-depth interview about Signs/Posters with Uncle Devan
  • Review some of the awards that recognize GSC's outstanding or exemplary campers and staff!

Uncle Devan's Poster for Team Podcast, created while on the hot seat during Episode 6!
Click here to listen to Episode 6 of the GSC Podcast (there is a silent delay after the intro music)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

GSC 2009 Podcast - Episode 5: Olympic Songwriting, plus Uncles Matt Hoffman & Scott Hodson

We are joined by Uncle Matt Hoffman for episode 5 for a discussion on Gaga, and hear what our group -- which includes a retired songwriter, and veteran songwriter, and a rookie songwriter -- has to say about Olympic Songwriting. Also, we are thrilled to meet and introduce to you a new member to the GSC Family: Uncle Scott Hodson, who joined the podcast from his home in the United Kingdom!

This episode includes:
  • An introduction of Uncle Matt Hoffman
  • What is a JC?
  • A discussion of Olympic Songwriting
  • Meet Uncle Scott Hodson, the 2009 Bicycling Specialist
  • Learn about Hava Nagrilla
As always, we welcome your feedback at gscprograms@gmail.com. We would love for you to be a guest host in a future episode!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GSC 2009 Podcast - Episode 4, featuring Aunts Steph Shane and Stefy, and Uncle Jeremy

Episode 4 of the podcast has some audio/technical issues, but still packs a powerful Slipper punch! We are joined in our studio by special guests Uncle Jeremy Creighton and Aunt Stefy Marshall, plus Aunt Steph Shane joins us through the magic of the internet, as we: