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Friday, August 24, 2007

Staff having fun in the Dining Hall

Hi Friends, Family, and Slipperites,

In case you miss some of the fun of a Slipper summer (and how can't you?), I have uploaded a few videos of GSC staff members having fun in the Dining Hall. First up is Uncle Goldy giving a tour of his new house, which he created entirely from things on or around the administrative table during the final dinner.

Cribs, Featuring Uncle Goldy

Second is Uncle Aaron, more commonly known as "Pop Pop," demonstrating the dance he made famous this summer: The Pop Pop Shuffle.

The Pop Pop Shuffle

GSC Trivia
Of course we know the building as "the Dining Hall," but do you know its official name? If you know for whom is the Dining Hall named you can submit your answers here, through the comments section, or to brandonrubenstein@gmail.com

Until next time, be sure to send me your news and other items you'd like to share with the Slipper family!
-Uncle Brando

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